Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Can South Africa be saved from Julius Malema?

Well the last time I posted, was when everyone was still saying that Jacob Zuma would never become the president of South Africa, because he had too many criminal and moral allegations against him.

Well Jacob Zuma is president, and nothing has collapsed so far. (Except for all the things that were already collapsing such as our Electricity Grid, Eductation System, Health System, Land bank,SAA and SABC) and minor lapses in the upholding of our justice system, such as the fact that criminals like Shabir Shaik was fraudulantly released on Medical parole. (He was later seen roaming the streets as a free man, and now it is rumoured that he may be the future recipient of a presidential pardon from Zuma. Remember he was convicted of fraud in connection with his dealings with the president himself!)

However, Jacob Zuma's new protoge, Julius Malema is an extremist radical, and ACTIVELY ENDORSED by the president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma.


Malema was a "leader in the making" and worthy of "inheriting the ANC" - Jacob Zuma, President of South Africa.


He is the long time leader of an organisation called the ANC Youth League.

Lets look at a few of his views and utterances to understand the man, and his future plans with the country:

  • All mines and many large stock exchange listed companies (some with foreign listings) should be nationalised

  • On the scandal of the hermaphrodite athelete Caster Semenya
Background: After Caster Semenya won the woman's 800m world championship gold medal, it was discovered that the management of Athletics South Africa had deliberately lied and conspired to keep secret the fact that her gender tests revealed that she was in fact not a woman (at least not in the traditional medical sense).

Julius Malema had this to say-

"Hermaphrodite, what is that? Somebody tell me, what is hermaphrodite in Pedi? There's no such thing, hermaphrodite, in Pedi.

'... don't impose your hermaphrodite concepts on us'
"So don't impose your hermaphrodite concepts on us.

"You are either a woman or a man. When a child is born you are announcing it's a baby girl or a baby boy. We have never heard in the village a child being projected: 'we are given a hermaphrodite'. There's never been such a thing in the village we come from."

"They can argue about this being determined scientifically, but in the villages we don't see signs, we don't have laboratories. When a child is born, we open its legs and that is the sign we use."

"The imperialists must not impose this on us if they have hermaphrodites where they come from. They must enjoy living with their hermaphrodites, because in South Africa there are no hermaphrodites."

[Editors note: The Pedi word for hermaphrodite is setabane]

Ultimately, Julius Malema immortalised himself with these words answered in an interview:

"He is a woman"


  • Malema believes his political opponents should be KILLED
Prof Jansen must be killed

And in this Radio interview with Malema live in person: http://www.pod702.co.za/podcast/bestofjohn/20091030JRBestof.mp3

Kill for Zuma

  • Despite his followers being desperately poor, he is living the high life
How is it financially possible for a (youth) politician to have amased so much wealth?

Especially considering that he only finished high school at the age of 21 while still failing several of his final year subjects.

He throws lavish parties, where countless bottles of Johnie Walker whiskey are emptied, lives in the posh district of Sandton, and drives million rand cars.

http://www.iol.co.za/index.php?art_id=vn20090921035859524C219577 <- Read how Malema behaves like a hooligan.

See his rich lifestyle:


Well with huge popularity (mostly under the young black majority), and an official endorsement from the current President of South Africa, the stage seems set for Julius Malema to become South Africa's next president.

What can save us from this fate?

Only marginal luck. Maybe he ruins himself. Maybe Zuma will want to rule for a second term. Maybe with his lavish parties and exquisite intelligence he gets himself HIV+. Maybe the public at large will wise up about this fool.

We can only hope.

What is it in our fellow South Africans that make them love leaders of his caliber so much?

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